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Solar Control

The new Florida Energy Code has created problems for building owners who want to upgrade their properties to be within its guidelines. Our building envelope requirement includes a SHGC ≤ 0.19.

This effectively eliminates the use of laminated glass and encourages the use of the best LowE combinations. Both Oldcastle Building Envelope and Viracon  have developed LowE glass coatings that will meet these guidelines. If the budget permits, SkySol technicians can change out all the glass in the skylight for a type that meets the owners specifications while at the same time re-sealing all interior joints and plates, providing modern exterior caps and covers, yielding a warrantable, like-new system.

Skylight Solutions offers other options to control brightness and heat gain. Our first recommendation for glass skylights is the application of an exterior window film. Products from Solar Gard have proven effective when applied by our professional tinter and silicone wet sealed into place by a SkySol tech. There are usually some energy cost rebates available from local power providers and/or government entities to perform this work.

For most skylight types, we can provide custom exterior shade cloth systems made from a vinyl coated polyester that is mildew and fade resistant. The Phifer SunTex material provides an 80% or 90% sun block and is available in both brown and black.

Solar Control - Tint


In several markets there is a need to protect the interior of a building from storms as well as theft and vandalism. Skylight Solutions offers films with break strength of over 400 lbs/in. These same films come in tints and colors that help control light transmittance and provide a lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).