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Our service technician teams are led by Jon Anderson, a nationally recognized professional with over thirty years of both hands-on and supervisory experience installing millions of square feet of structural skylighting. Jon brings two embedded principles to his teams: 1) Proper installation down to the smallest detail is critical for long term skylight performance, and 2) the safety of the crew and of the job site are of equal importance to the work itself.Opera Hoist

The Service Techs of Skylight Solutions are carefully trained and factory certified. They are customer service oriented, prompt, and professional. All crews are OSHA subpart M, L, and X certified and have CPR and First Aid training. Before every job we identify hazards and develop a project specific safety plan. Daily documented safety meetings are held and specific hazards reviewed. While proud of the numerous industry awards we have earned, Jon is most gratified to lead a healthy and safe team.



Skylight Solutions has been called upon by owners across the state to provide service, maintenance, and repair to their existing skylights. Whereas most “repair” is a squirt of sealant over the offending area of the skylight, our motto is “We use more Thought than Caulk!” Our techs carefully inspect the unit looking at all potential water penetration locations to identify what has failed. Only then do we consider methods of solving the problem. On most skylight systems we can even offer a watertight warranty that lasts more than one year.


Skylight Solutions recognizes that every project requires an evaluation of the hazards that currently, or may ultimately exist at some time during the skylight installation or renovation process.

Every installation team member is trained & certified annually in OSHA’s Subpart-M, Subpart-L, Subpart-X, Craning Rigging & Safety and First Aid/CPR

Identifying hazards, creating abatements, providing a job hazards analysis, and/or site specific safety plans are standard practice on every Skylight Solutions project.


Skylight Solutions’ installation teams are dedicated service oriented team players that are consistently recognized for their professionalism. Each skylight project, upon completion, is carefully critiqued by our own industry leading Quality Control Program. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing quality products, installed by our dynamic installation teams.


Osceola 2008 024Skylight Solutions is a unique company that is often called on to conquer the extraordinary projects that most roofers, glaziers, and our own competitors prefer to walk away from.

Our knowledge, experience, expertise, and resources allow us to create solutions that fit even the most complex design conditions of any sloped glazing system and succeed with every renovation project.

We work together with architects, manufacturers, suppliers, and field project teams to understand the design intent of each project and provide a turnkey solution with the design impact sought after.